Our Values

Our basic principles
The association and the service provided are organized around three fundamental principles which are the security of data and services, the respect for the private life due to everyone, and the accomplished exercise of individual freedoms, starting with freedom of expression. . These values ​​are written into our internal regulations and must be respected and promoted by all of our members.

Security consists in ensuring that the data hosted on our platform remains confidential and intact for those that require it, in that our services are also available with the least possible interruptions. These conditions serve as the basis for the other principles.

The servers are administered by authorized members exclusively, competent in security, and actions are monitored. All data, communications between our servers, backup streams and the backups themselves, including offline, are encrypted. Finally, we insist on the provision of state-of-the-art TLS secure services.

Private life
Respect for privacy on the Internet lies in the collection or cross-checking of as little data as possible that may reveal the behavior, opinions or private orientations of users. In our opinion, this is a fundamental right and we always put the privacy of users before functionality or the interests of administrators.

Logs are anonymized when possible; We keep the history of requests made and the source IP address for easy debugging, for 14 days. The data is kept exclusively on the platform and is never disclosed to third parties outside the competent authorities upon judicial requisition.

The founders, the administrators, and we hope the users are all animated by the respect of the freedoms related to information in our company, in particular on Internet. Among these freedoms, freedom of expression seems to us essential to protect because it depends on the technical tool that is the Internet.

Also, freedom is at the heart of our practices in the management of the association and the services. All services use free software that respects freedoms. All servers are based on free software. We also favor services that promote the exercise of freedom of expression by not allowing central censorship or guaranteeing the anonymity of authors.

The guidelines presented to be followed are not exhaustive. These are the principles implemented on a daily basis to promote respect for our values.

The technical federation model seems to us to be the closest to the Internet and our values. Thanks to federated services such as Mastodon, Matrix or PeerTube, we hope to be able to progress quickly.

No node in a federation holds all the data, facilitating security and avoiding privacy-threatening overlap. No federation knot is essential, limiting censorship and promoting freedom of expression.

We are first and foremost users of our services, and like all administrators who are particularly eager for features. We deploy free software exclusively, but don’t put functionality aside. Each new service is studied and tested upstream, several solutions are considered when they exist and we notably evaluate the functionalities of each tool.

We have never prioritized performance over security or privacy. However, we attach importance to it, in particular because we are the first users of our services. We regularly eliminate delays and strive to deploy technologies adapted to efficient operation in our environment constrained by budget. All of our web services support HTTP / 2, the services are isolated based on Docker, etc.

We are human, so are the users of our services. Nothing beats human contact when it comes to building new communities, teaching, convincing, or simply helping. It is also human error, and we are always available to support (“I can’t connect anymore!”) Or to repair (“I deleted my file by mistake!”). We expect the same tolerance from our users when, in the midst of best effort, we unfortunately make mistakes.

Respect is at the center of our practices and one of our strong values. Respect for others, their community, and respect for the law. First of all, we do not tolerate disrespectful behavior and we reserve the right to ban a user for these reasons; We won’t censor published content, let alone edit. Then, in compliance with the law and as a host, we will remove from our servers any content reported illegal in the French sense and respond, if necessary, to legal requisitions.

Our data is valuable. So we not only place an emphasis on security to protect them from disclosure to malicious parties, but we also protect them from the elements or malicious destruction. As such, if our services are provided to the best effort (best possible results but no guarantee), however, we strive to approach 99.95% availability and above all ensure backups of all our data several times a day, replicated. also on offline media.

More than individual services, we want the association to house a community. We have voluntarily refused to allow membership to be the gateway, on the contrary to facilitate free and anonymous access to services if necessary. However, we have put in place the necessary means for members and regular users to meet and discuss. We regularly organize meetings in France around a drink or a meal, do not hesitate to come and discuss!

None of us, including administrators, are omniscient. Also, documenting is essential, learning and teaching are all the more essential. We try to train new administrators as best as possible, to support users.

Documenting our configurations and our progress, sharing our creations, this is one of the aims of TeDomum’s associative structure. You can find most of our projects in public in the form of Gitlab repositories, Github repositories and public Docker images.

Joke aside, we love our role in the adventure and in the projects, we value our teammates and the users of our services. Thank you for supporting the project and its values. Long life and prosperity.

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