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Our Values

Our basic principles
The association and the service provided are organized around three fundamental principles which are the security of data and services, the respect for the private life due to everyone, and the accomplished exercise of individual freedoms, starting with freedom of expression. . These values ​​are written into our internal regulations and must be respected and promoted by all of our members.
Security consists in ensuring that the data hosted on our platform remains confidential and intact for those that require it, in that our services are also available with the least possible interruptions. These conditions serve as the basis for the other principles.
Private life
Respect for privacy on the Internet lies in the collection or cross-checking of as little data as possible that may reveal the behavior, opinions or private orientations of users. In our opinion, this is a fundamental right and we always put the privacy of users before functionality or the interests of administrators.

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Our Mission

To build a sustainable equity ,to build softwares and hardwares to impact change , building a sustainable economical development and growth among startups , small business owners and SMES and protect your privacy

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